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Meet the by-election candidates

News from Newtown Residents Association
We are inviting you to meet the Southern Ward By-election candidates. This meeting is at St Anne’s Hall, Emmett Street, at 7.30pm on Tuesday.

The doors open at 7.10pm and the meeting will start promptly at 7.30.

These are the confirmed candidates –

Vicki Greco, Mohamud Mohamed, Don Newt McDonald, Laurie Foon, Fleur Fitzsimons, Rob Goulden, Thomas G P Morgan and Merio Marsters.

They have all been invited, and we hope all will be there. Hear their reasons why you should vote for them, their responses to ‘hot topics’ and their answers to questions from the floor.

Supper is provided, so after hearing the formal presentations you can talk informally over a cuppa and a snack.

Postal voting is between 30th November and 22nd December.


  1. Island Bay Cycleway, 14. November 2017, 10:27

    Wonder if there will be any climate change questions at the Southern Ward meet the candidates tonight? [via twitter]

  2. Traveller, 14. November 2017, 14:19

    Wonder how many of the candidates are opposed to council money for the airport extension? Wonder how many are against the extension?

  3. Laurie Foon, 14. November 2017, 14:21

    Recent court decisions, lack of public support, and a poor business case means I can’t support the proposed Wellington airport runway extension. Will stay open to more info. [via twitter]

  4. Fleur Fitzsimons, 14. November 2017, 14:53

    The case for the airport needs to stack up before I could support including ensuring that WCC doesn’t pay prop more than the 34% stake it has in it. [via twitter]