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Families ditching cars – for cargo bikes


News from Bicycle Junction
Car dependency is becoming a thing of the past. Families all over Wellington are considering a new alternative– cargo bikes. Pedal-assisted and with room for the whole family, locals are ditching the dinosaur for a healthy, fun alternative.

Cargo bikes are constructed specifically to allow people to carry larger loads and transport freight. Whether that be kids and toys or beers and juice, Wellingtonians are picking up on the trend.

Local entrepreneur and owner of courier service NoCar Cargo, Russell Silverwood, delivers goods on his cargo bike for businesses such as Fix and Fogg peanut butter. Fix and Fogg co-owner Andrea Jewell can also be seen on her Yuba cargo bike with her kids on the back, rain or shine.

Founder of leading cargo bike company Yuba Bikes, Ben Sarrazin, is coming to Wellington and hosting a Family Cargo BIke Day Saturday, November 25th at the Frank Kitts Park playground. His host, Bicycle Junction, will be co-hosting the event for families to give it a go.

Originally from Strasbourg, France, Ben has spent a lot of his life around bikes. He’s travelled the globe delivering goods by cargo bike and knows the power of a two-wheeled machine. Ben eventually settled in California and started Yuba Bikes in 2007.

Free trials of their cargo bike will give families the ability to test ride and enjoy the freedom of riding a bike again and never having to worry about car parking in the CBD.

Local bike shop Bicycle Junction is primary dealer of Yuba Bikes and is serving as Ben’s host shop for his visit. They supply a range of cargo bikes by Yuba including Spicy Curry, Mundo V5, and the Supermarche. All their models will available for test-rides at Family Cargo Day.

“Wellingtonians may find the hills and wind an issue. Sometimes adding a motor and battery makes anything possible.” says founder Ben Sarrazin. “Because I know as well as anyone that even us parents love to have fun, be outside, and share new experiences and adventures. I say, let’s bring the kids along!”

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are on my bike with my family. I feel like we’re losing an entire generation of kids who don’t know adventures by bike.” Dan Mikkelsen, owner of Bicycle Junction says. Dan has ambitions of selling his minivan and taking all three kids around on his Spicy Curry Yuba cargo e-bike.

“I can fit our three young children on board and it serves as our family runabout.”

“Yuba Bikes are popping up all over Wellington but it’s about bringing the bikes to the people. We are thrilled to host Ben and showcase all that’s possible on a bike.” says Catarina Gutierrez, Bicycle Junction’s marketing director. “I can’t wait to see a dog on a bike that morning.”

Sarrazin says Yuba is also about healthy people and encouraging that lifestyle.
“Wellington is full of adventurous, active people. It’s the perfect fit for more people on Yuba bikes.”

Family Cargo Bike Day provides an opportunity for families of all sizes to ride in a safe, comfortable environment. The waterfront serves as the perfect, flat area for test rides.

Bicycle Junction plans major events for families and anyone who wants to give riding a bike a try all year long. They host a variety of workshops and entertainment at their new location, 1 Marion Street.