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Women in art show at Katherine Mansfield House

Patricia France-Figures in a Landscape (1983)

News from Katherine Mansfield House
This summer, Katherine Mansfield House & Garden in Wellington will be home to a range of artworks from the BNZ Art Collection in an exhibition entitled Reflections: New Zealand women in art.

The exhibition is an attempt to draw out the many layers and issues of representation that surround women within the arts, both as creators and subjects. All artwork will depict women and will have been created by women artists.

“This exhibition highlights the importance of equal gender representation. Historically, women have been under-represented in the arts due to social structures. This has allowed for a one-sided projection of women’s roles and place in broader society. It is a delight to see both the finance and art sectors come together to support this very important conversation around gender diversity”, says Jessica Ward, BNZ Heritage Curator.

Tamara Patten, Katherine Mansfield House & Garden Director, says it has been a pleasure to collaborate with BNZ Heritage on this exhibition.

“The BNZ Art Collection includes a great many artworks of significance and it is a privilege to display some of these at Katherine Mansfield House & Garden. It is also wonderful to be able to host an exhibition of New Zealand women’s art in the birthplace of Katherine Mansfield – another New Zealand woman of influence.”

The exhibition will run from 1 December to 25 March, and will include artworks by iconic New Zealand artists such as Robin White, Fiona Pardington and A Lois White.

The subject of female representation is one close to the hearts of both organisations. Katherine Mansfield House & Garden celebrates the life of one of New Zealand’s foremost female authors and BNZ has a long-standing relationship with the author’s legacy. Katherine Mansfield’s father was a member of the BNZ board for 37 years.

In addition, the bank has a wide range of community engagement initiatives in place to empower women and in 2016 BNZ received a White Camellia award for its work promoting the UN’s Woman’s Equality Principles.