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Wins for Racetech keep on coming

News from Racetech Manufacturing Limited
The wins for Wellington motorsport seat company Racetech keep on coming.

On Sunday Australian driver Jamie Whincup claimed the 2017 Virgin Australia Supercars title in Newcastle in a Red Bull Holden Commodore equipped with a New Zealand-made Racetech RT9129 seat.And the same weekend at the Tauranga-based Rally New Zealand event Aucklanders Andrew Hawkeswood and Jeff Cress claimed the 2017 New Zealand Rally Championship title using Racetech RT4119 seats in Hawkeswood’s AP4-spec Mazda 2.

While many Kiwi fans lamented a last lap tangle and subsequent penalty which robbed countryman Scott McLaughlin of the 2017 Supercars title in controversial style, the man behind Racetech, David Black, says that he is just pleased both the Red Bull Holden team and Shell V-Power Racing were using his Wellington-made seats.

“Of course, as a proud Kiwi I would have loved to see Scotty take the Supercars title this year. He certainly deserved it. But I’m sure Jamie’s supporters would have been saying the same thing if Scott had come through and won the title.”

Neither team has to use Racetech’s distinctive RT9129 seat. But both do, because, with its unique, patented, back-mounting system an RT9129 seat is bolted to a car’s roll cage as well as the floor.

Having been developed in association with the FIA and approved to the governing body of world motorsport’s highest seat standard, FIA 8862-2009, the RT9129 is certainly one of the safest on the market. Young Australian driver Todd Hazelwood proved that at the Sandown round of the Supercars series earlier this year.

Not only did Hazelwood walk away from a massive crash in qualifying for the Sandown 500 endurance race, the Racetech RT9129 seat he was sitting in was one of the only salvageable parts from the wreck.

Because the three-way mounting system also makes the car stiffer, and therefore more responsive to suspension tuning, a Racetech RT9129 can also help make a car go faster!

Either way the advantage is not lost on teams competing in the Virgin Australia Supercars championship with 20 out of the 26 Supercars currently racing in the series equipped with Racetech RT9129 seats.

Most of the top teams in the British Touring Car championship also use RT9129 seats and Racetech has recently sold seats to both Porsche Motorsport and Aston Martin Racing works teams as well as the EKS team running works Audis in the World Rallycross Series.

All are still manufactured here in New Zealand – in a purpose-built facility in Wellington’s Seaview – proof David Black says that if your product it good enough the world will – literally – beat a path to your door.

“To be fair,” says Black, “we’ve always been an outward looking company. We took our first seats to the US back in 2001 and we’ve had an office there since 2012 and in Europe since 2014. For a high-added-value product like our motorsports seats, where they are made is immaterial though. The value is in the design, the build, and the way the seat does its job.”

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