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Uncertainty about Movie Museum as delays continue

Delays to finalising plans for the Movie Museum are reported to be resulting in a proposal to replace it with something else.

The DomPost reports today that Wellington Chamber of Commerce chief executive John Milford says construction of the convention centre (planned for the top floor, above the movie museum) should start without the museum.

“We are at a point where a decision needs to be made to start the project. A movie museum would be a fantastic outcome but we are suffering without the convention centre and need to make the call to move on without it for the sake of the convention centre,” he said. “We will be disappointed if there is no movie museum but but we are falling behind. New convention centres in Auckland and Christchurch are getting ahead of us and we have got to get moving.”

The DomPost’s Colette Devlin writes that an alternative use for the Movie Museum space is being developed as fears mount that Sir Peter Jackson’s delays could see the project fall over. She says that continuing delays while Jackson finalises his fitout plans have led to the creation of a plan ‘B’.

According to her report, it is understood Jackson’s attention is focused elsewhere and the fitout plans are still not finished.

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  1. Peter Kerr, 4. December 2017, 12:49

    Jackson has been a never-ending cost burden to citizens. Thirty years of unscrupulously optimistic projects, union-busting tactics to get his own way; all add up to a drain on the public purse, while he lolls in unjustified acclaim.