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Locomotive breaks down, Masterton passengers delayed for 2 hours

News from MetLink at 7pm
The 5.30pm train from Wellington to Masterton has broken down just south of Maymorn due to a locomotive engine issue.

To get our passengers home, the current plan is that the locomotive from the 6.18pm service from Wellington to Masterton will be unattached from the train at Upper Hutt and will be used to rescue the disabled 5.30pm service at Maymorn.

This service will then be pulled back to Trentham, which is the doubled tracked area, then brought back to Upper Hutt where the two units will be attached together and continue to Masterton.

Passengers also have the option to board buses which we have en route to Maymorn currently, which will run all stops to Masterton. However we do not have an estimated time of arrival for these. Passengers are welcome to remain on the train service, or disembark and wait for the buses.

At this time, we are expecting delays of up to 2 hours to both the 6.18pm and 5.30pm Wairarapa Line services.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this service disruption, and we appreciate your patience during this difficult time.

UPDATE at 8.30pm
Both Wairarapa Line train services are now on their way to Masterton, but are experiencing delays of up to two hours. Bus replacements from Maymorn are still dropping off passengers to Wairarapa Line bus replacements stops, but should be arriving in Masterton shortly.

As both the train services will be arriving in Masterton this evening, we are not expecting any disruption to tomorrow morning’s Wairarapa Line services.

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  1. Farmer John, 18. December 2017, 23:02

    Gee, glad we’ve bought a second car and don’t need to use the Wairarapa line anymore. I, just like others, just pay loads of rates for a truly awful service.