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Labour’s Fleur Fitzsimons elected as southern ward councillor

News from WCC
Fleur Fitzsimons has been elected as the new councillor to fill the vacant seat in the Wellington City Council’s Southern Ward. The results of the by-election were announced this afternoon.

Ms Fitzsimons, the Labour Party candidate, fills the seat left vacant after former councillor Paul Eagle was elected as MP for Rongotai in this year’s general election. She will be sworn in as a Councillor in early February.

Some 6278 votes were returned in the postal election, held under the single transferable vote (STV) arrangement.

The returns equate to a voter turnout of just under 30 percent. Some 21,216 voting papers were mailed to electors in the ward earlier this month.

Fleur Fitzsimons 2,805.00
Laurie Foon 2,473.00
Vicki Greco 1,765.00
Mohamud Mohamed 569.00
Merio Marsters 295.00
Rob Goulden 255.00
Thomas GP Morgan 73.00
Don Newt McDonald 61.00

Press Release – Laurie Foon
Southern ward by-election candidate Laurie Foon gave her congratulations to Fleur Fitzsimons who she acknowledged had worked incredibly hard for the win.

“Fleur has been a strong advocate for our southern ward community for a long time, she got out there and connected with voters and they rewarded her with this win. She deserves it.”

Laurie said that while Fleur was the favourite to win from the outset, it didn’t make her any less committed to the campaign.

“I knew that it would be very hard to beat Fleur and the Labour campaign, but I really believed in my vision for the city and was prepared to put in the hard work. And it was always good to know that if I lost to Fleur, she would make a great councillor for the southern ward – she’d have had my vote if I hadn’t decided to run.”

As a first-time candidate, Laurie said it was an eye-opening experience.
“I have been overwhelmed with the support I’ve received over this campaign. I’ve done a lot of learning. And I’ve heard so many stories and concerns from people here in Wellington, but also their visions for how they want our city and communities to be.”

She wanted councillor Fitzsimons to know that she will be following up with her. “I am going to make sure I sit down with Fleur and pass on the concerns and stories I have heard over the campaign. How parents and kids want safer streets around our schools, that people want more transport options and a sustainable future for our city. I look forward to working with her to make good things happen for our southern ward and our city.”

Laurie said she would not give up on trying to achieve her vision for Wellington as the coolest, smartest little sustainable capital in the world. I’ll keep working for my community and towards a more sustainable future through my role with the Sustainable Business Network. And I’ll keep connecting and helping make good things happen for our city.” She said that might include standing again for the southern ward in the 2019 Wellington City Council elections.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who voted for me, and those who got out and voted. I wish everyone a happy holidays and new year.”


  1. IslandBay CycleWay, 22. December 2017, 20:20

    Great to see the two candidates who are most supportive of the IBCycleWay (and active, sustainable transport in general) finish 1st and 2nd. The electorate has spoken, again. Great work Fleur Fitzsimons & Laurie Foon [via twitter]

  2. Chris, 25. December 2017, 12:54

    Great to see Fleur win the seat and I am sure she will represent the electorate well.
    However I do believe that national politics should have no place in local politics, candidates should not stand and be aligned to particular parties. Aligning to support from political parties gives a very clear advantage to those that receive this backing.
    A good example of this was David Lee’s election after running on the Green Party ticket, this despite his not living in the electorate and having minimal visible presence. The independent Brendon Bonner was clearly disadvantaged by Lee garnering political party backing. Does this give us the best councillors? I am not so sure in the instance of David Lee.

  3. Concerned Wellingtonian, 25. December 2017, 13:37

    I have deliberately hung on to the cutting which quotes David Lee saying he won’t stand again. I would like to give the credit to the Green Party for this. He only got elected in the first place because he has the same name as, um, David Lee who actually does do a seriously good job for us Wellingtonians.

  4. CC, 25. December 2017, 22:21

    Concerned Wellingtonian – do you mean David John Lee, the environmentalist and thorn in the side of those who, like the supposedly Green Councillor, support the development of a wall of buildings and an inappropriate theme park of non-endemic species to block the views of the Harbour?

  5. Concerned Wellingtonian, 26. December 2017, 7:32

    CC, it is such bad luck that there are two people with the name David Lee. I did not know that the hard-working and right-minded one had the middle name of John. Again, I give credit to the Greens for recognising their mistake regarding the other one.

  6. Huttite, 26. December 2017, 9:24

    I agree with Chris that party politics should be kept out of local government for the reasons he states, but also because it disrupts quality decision-making. A collection of diverse individuals considering each issue in its context, with regard to the criteria used by council, will make better decisions for its ratepayers than those made along party lines. They will also work better together as a team, not always agreeing but (ideally) putting ratepayers’ interests before politics.

  7. Concerned Wellingtonian, 26. December 2017, 10:38

    Huttite, you might get “diverse individuals” but you will never get people stepping out of line when money and jockeying for positions is such a huge and common influence on their behaviour.
    Where is this triennium’s Helene Ritchie when it comes to huge walls blocking our views and giving resource consent in places like Shelly Bay (especially when that development is virtually devoid of affordable housing)?