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CentrePort container services back to pre-quake volumes

News from CentrePort
CentrePort’s container services are back to both pre-earthquake volumes and vessel productivity. We continue to increase CentreRail with the growing demand for the services.

Following the successful re-introduction of the STS crane operations in September, we are working to identify and improve the performance of CentrePort for all users. A number of measures, outlined below, have been put in place recently.

We have

• Begun implementing the recommendations from a specialist port consultant (Hamburg Port Consultants) to optimise the port operation. A key outcome from the assessment is to ensure that all the information relating to import containers (i.e. trucking company, inspection or fumigation requirements) has been provided to CentrePort through our Centric portal prior to the vessel arrival as we plan the container stacks according to this information.

• Discussed and agreed with the carriers a modified process to improve the truck turn times and increase the number of containers through the gate. We advise the carriers of the accessible containers from which they let us know what will be collected the following day.

• Continued transitioning import containers to the KiwiRail CT site to increase the number of containers available for collection each day.

• Increased the number of road pads on port allowing more trucks to be serviced.

• 2 new reach stackers operational with an additional new reach stacker scheduled to arrive in mid-January 2018.

We are

• Working towards ‘One Gate’ to include both the terminal and depot to simplify the operation.

• Working to normalise the depot and terminal hours.

• Assessing options for an online road booking system with ability to book into the future ensuring stacks are built accordingly.

• Working to assess and reconfigure our overall Port Access and truck pads to further increase the number of pads and have the trucks collecting containers right next to the stacks.

• Working to reinstate the second rail line through the port.

Based on the success of the Port tours prior to the re-commencement of the STS cranes, we are looking to reinstate the tours to provide all users’ visibility and information of the status within the Port.

We appreciate all the support following the earthquake and the recommencement of the gantry cranes.

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