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Aro Creative wants to revive all-ages music scene

Press Release – Aro Creative
Aro Creative is hosting an all ages music event at Aro Valley Community Centre on the 20th of January with aims to rekindle an all ages music scene in Wellington.

Local musicians including electronic producers, indie rockers, psych-funk sages and and hip hop trappers will come to the Aro Valley for a night of musical prodigy, zest and sensation.

This is the first of a series of events by Aro Creative, including a stage at Frank Kitts Park on Wellington Anniversary Day and another at the Kilbirnie Festival on March 11th. The intention is to work with the same artists to create a body politic of, and symbiosis between, Wellington’s creative people.

Delivering music to an all ages audience and inviting young people to participate in a musical culture tangible and objective to them is pivotal in encouraging an artistic society of musicians, listeners and dancers.

When I (Josh Denize) arrived in Wellington to study commercial music, I was 17 and had been organising, playing, and regularly attending all ages shows in Auckland. My first homework assignment from university was to review a local gig. Being underage, my best efforts to sit in on Wellington’s music scene were stymied and I returned to classes uninspired. Organising all ages music is about making certain that passionate, creative, and demiurgic people have access to an avenue of self expression and to New Zealand’s unique music culture.

Roust details, door charge and artist profiles from the event Facebook page


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