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Construction company invests in NZ Festival’s Waka Odyssey

After more than a week of sailing day and night from Vanuatu the fleet of Te Mana o Te Moana arrives in the Solomon Islands. The fleet of 7 Vaka Moana reef their sails and await the dawn welcoming ceremony with thousands of locals gathered on the beach. Conch shells are blown and haka performed announcing the arrival.

News from NZ Festival
New Zealand Festival and Southbase Construction today announced a new partnership, as the company comes on board to invest in one of the 2018 Festival’s flagship projects, A Waka Odyssey.

Founded in 2013 by Quin Henderson, Southbase is led by a team of people who have been instrumental in shaping the New Zealand construction industry. Southbase is established as a national company with offices in Christchurch, Hamilton, Auckland and, more recently, Wellington..

Southbase Construction’s Chief Executive Quin Henderson says: ‘Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do, and as we begin work in a new community, we want to make sure we are contributing to that community in many meaningful ways. In our business we focus on partnerships. This means fostering team work amongst our staff, taking a genuinely collaborative approach with our clients, and building positive relationships with partners and sub-contractors.’

New Zealand Festival Executive Director Meg Williams says: ‘We’re thrilled that Southbase is joining the Festival’s family of Partners. The Festival attracts business investors who want to build a better future for Wellington, where creativity continues to thrive, and our communities are connected. It’s terrific that as soon as Southbase touched down in Wellington they looked for ways to contribute to the city’s vibrancy and wellbeing. We hope this is the beginning of a long and collaborative partnership.’

Southbase construction will invest in A Waka Odyssey, a huge free event series taking place in Wellington from the 2018 Festival’s opening night on 23 February, featuring a fleet of Pacific sailing waka hourua and a cast of thousands.

Other investors and funders for the Waka Odyssey project include New Zealand Major Events, Wellington Regional Amenities Fund, New Zealand Community Trust, Creative New Zealand, UNESCO, and Māori Tourism.

Derek Fry, Interim Chief Executive of Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, said partnerships like this are important to the prosperity and vibrancy of the capital.

“Attracting people and businesses to a prosperous 21st century city-region requires a foundation of vibrancy and liveability. It’s heartening to see Southbase, as one of Wellington’s newly-arrived businesses, is as committed to helping build that foundation as they are to construction projects across the region.”

Image (top): A gathering of twin hulled waka at the Festival of Pacific Arts in Solomon Islands. Rawhitiroa Photography.