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Dancers lodge personal grievance claims at RNZB

Four of the five dancers whose contracts were not renewed have lodged personal grievance claims with the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

The ballet company had earlier asked the deputy state services commissioner Douglas Craig to conduct an “independent review into its employment processes, and how it manages complaints.”

This information was provided by RNZB Board member Isaac Ihaka on Radio NZ’s Checkpoint on 18 December.

Such an independent review needs to include the four personal grievance claims. But not till the claims have been ruled on. Ballet insiders say that if the independent review goes ahead before the ruling has been made, it could be seen as an attempt to second guess the result of the claims or even to exercise some influence over the result.

There are more questions about the review.

In view of the fact that the dancers have been forbidden by the ballet company board to speak to the media, will they be allowed to speak to Mr Craig? Or will he hear only the Board’s version of events?