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Seoul and Wellington sign a Memorandum for closer ties

Press Release – Wellington City Council
Wellington’s links with South Korea’s capital Seoul were strengthened today by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that signals closer ties between the two cities.

The signing, by Wellington Mayor Justin Lester and Seoul Metropolitan Council Chairman Yang Jun Yook, took place at The Wellington Club at 12 noon.

A 16-strong delegation from Seoul, led by Chairman Yang and including several environment and transportation officials, arrived in Wellington yesterday. The group visited Weta Studios before the signing function.

The relationship between Wellington and Seoul has been strengthened considerably in recent years. Several Wellington business delegations led by the Mayor have visited Seoul, including one last November. Seoul has a buoyant gaming industry, which has attracted the interest of some Wellington businesses.

Mayor Lester and Chairman Yang were expected to discuss issues such as transport, safe cities, liveability and resilience.

It is hoped that the Memorandum of Understanding will be a prelude to Seoul and Wellington eventually establishing a Sister City relationship.

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  1. Mary Rojeski, 20. January 2018, 8:29

    Did you visit them and did they take you to the dog and cat meat market??

  2. Jim Roberts, M.D., 20. January 2018, 17:38

    To align oneself with a dog and cat meat eating country is to put profit above humanity. It’s better to be humane, compassionate and evolved than a sellout for profit.

  3. Andrew, 20. January 2018, 19:58

    Are the two previous posters worried about dealing with France and Italy because both have a large horsemeat market? How about how geese and ducks are treated in France?

  4. Susan Repp, 21. January 2018, 12:56

    I personally will not visit any country that does not have at least the minimal protection for animals. State sponsored torture to these animals is a Korean disgrace; if they consider this as culture/tradition, I will not support the country with my tourist dollars.

  5. TrevorH, 22. January 2018, 7:54

    Great, another meaningless agreement that needs to be serviced by regular junkets for the Mayor and his team at ratepayer expense. Well done.

  6. michael, 24. January 2018, 13:49

    Oh well most probably this will end up another waste of time and money like the deal with Canberra now that Singapore Airlines is pulling out of the Wellington-Canberra-Singapore flights. But I bet we don’t get back the big subsidy paid to Singapore Airlines by the council. Just another cock-up!