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Airline subsidy was “utter waste;” new route should not be subsidised

Media release from NZ Taxpayers’ Union
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union says the failure of Singapore Airlines’ Wellington-Canberra route shows what an utter waste the route’s multi-million dollar subsidy has been.

Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says: “The Wellington-Canberra route should never have been subsidised in the first place. Now that the spending has proven to be a complete waste, you would expect WREDA (the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency) to scrap it. Instead, the agency says they’ll subsidise the new route – despite there already being regular flights between Wellington and Melbourne.”

“At this point unelected bureaucrats are giving free ratepayer money to Singapore Airlines for no benefit. It’s corporate welfare at its worst.”

“Remember, the Wellington-Canberra route was celebrated with a $50,000 ratepayer-funded party. Can Wellington ratepayers get a refund now? They certainly deserve one.”

The Taxpayers’ Union has launched a petition to end ratepayer subsidies to Singapore Airlines. You can sign it here: http://www.taxpayers.org.nz/wreda_petition

Only 60 per cent of seats were sold


  1. michael, 24. January 2018, 20:33

    How can WREDA even consider subsidising Singapore Airlines when it will be in direct competition with our national carrier AirNZ and Qantas. Are we going to give them a few million as well to even the playing field?
    Have to wonder what WREDA are getting out of this because no-one else is going to benefit.
    And, I guess there will be another $50,000 party to celebrate throwing away more of our money.
    The whole thing is appalling and one can only wonder what company will be up next for its snout in the ratepayers’ trough.
    Is there any legal way ratepayers can stop this?

  2. Mark Shanks, 25. January 2018, 7:05

    Again and again it is obvious that the corporates are running this city, this country, and this world. The rich are getting richer and the average Joe and Mary are getting poorer and poorer because we subsidise them. I’m all for a general strike by Wellington ratepayers. They cannot do this to us without our compliance. We know that the supposedly democratic safeguards do not help – the election and submission process is so easily manipulated or ignored.