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Lizzie Snow’s first solo exhibition

Press Release – fortyonehundred
Lizzie Snow, aka ‘fortyonehundred’ is a Wellington artist who at only 22 years old is collaborating with major international and New Zealand based companies such as Lululemon, Converse, Topshop, 3WiseMen, TEDx, Victoria University, Peugeot and AllBirds.

Working under her artist name ‘fortyonehundred’, Lizzie has built up a loyal fanbase of 100,000 followers online from all corners of the world. Lizzie is also a mural artist – painting around New Zealand and as far away as Canada and the United States.

She credits her inspiration to fractals in nature, and has described the process of her creating as a trance-like meditation. She explores mandalas through a contemporary eye and address issues of interconnection and the human experience.

“Fractal inspired artwork is a beautiful fusion between mathematics, science, art and nature. These patterns make up everything in our natural environment and shows how extensively interconnected we are with our entire universe”
This exhibition is Lizzie’s final project at Victoria University. It marks the culmination of her Master of Fine Arts degree, showcasing her most recent and evolved artworks.

Exhibition opening: Thursday 15th February, 6pm
Potocki Paterson Art Gallery
41-47 Dixon Street

Supported by: Crafters Union Wines, Organic Mechanic kombucha, Half Baked Catering Co, MilkCrate Cafe catering, Heavy Chest music, The Big Picture printing, Ali Jansen videographer and Jasper Rain photography.

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