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Dispute with mental health staff at Nelson Hospital

News from PSA
Nelson’s Mental Health Community Crisis team is refusing to work a new roster imposed by their management today.

Nelson-Marlborough District Health Board’s (NMDHB) new roster breaches the team’s union contract and doesn’t provide work-life balance for their families.

General Manager of Mental Health Jane Kinsey has threatened staff with “personal consequences”, including pay cuts and disciplinary action, if they don’t implement the new roster.

Staff say they will continue to work their old roster until management honours their Public Service Association collective which requires agreement for a new roster or a change process.

The new roster only allows a consecutive Saturday and Sunday off if staff swap shifts with each other. This would result in staffing working a single-day off and a six-day work week to compensate for the swap.

Jane Kinsey rejected the team’s proposed roster which would give a full weekend off every six weeks.

The team’s roster would provide a better work-life balance for staff and their families and is used by the majority of New Zealand’s mental health teams.

A petition has been launched to support Nelson mental health staff and their families.