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Fog disrupts flights in and out of Wellington

Almost all flights in and out of Wellington Airport yesterday afternoon were cancelled. The reason – low cloud, otherwise known as fog. And some delays were continuing this morning.

The airport’s website at 8.30am said:

Due to low cloud some flights have been delayed or cancelled.

The message was still online at 4pm. Hundreds of travellers were waiting for their flights to be rescheduled.

At 6pm last night, RNZ News reported:

At least ten flights out of the capital and more than a dozen incoming flights have been cancelled. Others have been delayed or forced to return to Auckland. Wellington Airport said the fog had settled in and is not forecast to lift until later this evening or early morning.

And NewsHub reported, also at 6pm:

The airport’s website shows no flights either landing or taking off.


  1. Marion Leader, 11. February 2018, 7:49

    Will we still be forking out to Singapore Airlines?

  2. michael, 11. February 2018, 16:26

    Seems like it. Now going to subsidize them to fly to Melbourne in competition with AirNZ and Qantas. Have to wonder why.