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Regional Council wants children to be more active

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
School children and their parents are getting into gear for this year’s Movin’March – a region-wide campaign to encourage active travel to and from school, which runs from 5-29 March.

The Regional Council developed the campaign, which is supported by other local councils. GW’s school travel coordinator Kirsty Barr, says there’s lots of fun activities planned including the WOW Passport Challenge, back for its third year.

“The WOW passport challenge is a popular highlight of the month. Students who walk or wheel their way to school get their passport stamped and go into the draw to win one of 6 $300 Avanti vouchers. There’s also a poster competition, WOW family day, parent photo competition and plenty of class activities to engage the children and also get them moving.”

Now in its eighth year, Movin’March aims to promote active travel to school – whether it be walking, cycling, skating or scootering

“There are obvious benefits, the main one which is exercise, but there’s so much more they’re gaining. Children are developing connections, getting to know their neighbourhood including learning vital road-safety skills. This development helps a child break down barriers and build a positive sense of place,” says Kirsty.

Movin’March is also for people who live too far away and have to use car transport because they can use “Park and Stride” or Walking Pou.

“This is where we’re encouraging parents to find places to park that still give students the opportunity to walk a bit of the way to and from school. We want all families to give it a go at least once during the month. But we still need schools to be the main focus for registration.”

Any school in the Wellington Region can take part and online registering is easy. Once the school is registered it’s all about getting as many families involved as possible says Kirsty.

People can find out more about Movin’March here: movinmarch.com

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  1. Traveller, 21. February 2018, 22:15

    Do Regional Councillors want children to walk on the same streets as their smelly and polluting diesel buses?

  2. glenn, 22. February 2018, 8:56

    Really? Arent you forgetting the thousands of private vehicles as well

  3. Mark Shanks, 22. February 2018, 11:54

    Woeful active transport planning in the Wellington central region is at the heart of children not getting enough exercise. This planning is a GWRC responsibility so stop making it so difficult for children to get to school, or their after school gatherings, using their legs or on wheels. Busy roads to cross, air pollution, and a car-centric culture are BIG problems that can be solved school by school, road by road, pathway by pathway. Get on yer bike GWRC and stop pretending that “wanting children to be more active” and “encouraging parents” is enough to make it happen!

  4. michael, 23. February 2018, 14:17

    @ Traveller: I agree. The pollution has definitely increased since the introduction of the second-hand buses and removal of the trolley buses. Can be seen in the increased smut on the shop and office windows. Why should children (and adults) be exposed to this. Free masks will be needed to walk around our streets soon.