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Lower Hutt equal pay champion named New Zealander of the Year


Lower Hutt equal pay campaigner Kristine Bartlett has been named New Zealander of the Year.

News freom E tū
E tū is thrilled for our equal pay hero Kristine Bartlett who last night was named New Zealander of the Year. It’s a huge honour and richly deserved, says Yvette Taylor, E tū Equal Pay Coordinator, who was with Kristine at the event to announce the winner.

“Kristine picked up the fight for equal pay on behalf of her workmates and she’s travelled this road for many years, helping win pay equity principles through the courts and seeing that through to an historic settlement for care and support workers.

“She has been a huge role model for women fighting for pay equity.”

Yvette says Kristine is also a trail-blazer for working women everywhere, by showing the power of standing firm and fighting for something they believe in.

“Kristine is the first to say she didn’t win equal pay for care and support workers alone. She has always paid tribute to her union and the many women who stood with her.

“It is rare that a working woman like Kristine, paid near- minimum wage, takes the national stage, captures the national imagination and goes on to achieve this prestigious title.

“It says much about Kristine’s qualities – her determination, commitment and stamina, all dedicated to winning a better, fairer pay deal for working women.

“She has won a place in the hearts and minds of women, with the name Kristine Bartlett now synonymous with the fight for equal pay.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described Kristine as an “absolute hero” when presenting the award. We wholeheartedly agree!

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News from NZEI
NZEI Te Riu Roa says that Kristine Bartlett is a deserved winner of the New Zealander of the Year award for her tireless work for women and pay equity.

“She embodies everything a great Kiwi is – ambitious, with a strong sense of fairness, dogged in her determination, and humble,” says NZEI Te Riu Roa National Secretary Paul Goulter.

Adelaide Early Childhood Centre Head Teacher and NZEI pay equity leader Karen O’Leary says the news is “brilliant”.

“Kristine has been generous with her support for other women, especially women in our sector, who with NZEI, are accelerating their own pay equity claims. We hope this bodes well for us and brings a sea change for women seeking pay justice.”

NZEI is leading the claims for the education sector on several fronts – support workers who work for the Ministry of Education, teacher aides and early childhood teachers and staff.

“Kristine always insisted it was her union, E Tū, which led the charge, but putting her face and name to the campaign was heroic and life-changing for many women who work as caregivers in the aged-care sector,” says Mr Goulter.

Some of the health sector’s lowest paid workers shared a $2 billion pay equity settlement over five years following a case bought by E Tū and Ms Bartlett – known as the Terranova case.

Fifty-five thousand mainly women workers in aged and disability residential care, and home and community support services across the country benefited from the settlement.

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  1. Max Harris, 23. February 2018, 9:26

    Stoked to see Kim Workman win Senior NZer of the Year. When we were first starting JustSpeakNZ, he hustled for funding, brought us along to meetings with politicians, met us for early breakfasts,+ believed in rangatahi. It was how support across generations should be. He’s wonderful. [via twitter]