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$27.7m will provide safe, dry warm homes for all Wellingtonians, promises mayor

News from WCC
The Wellington City Council’s 10-year plan sets out a clear road map to deliver on our vision for all Wellingtonians to have a safe, dry, warm homes, says Mayor Justin Lester.

Mayor Lester says the Council’s plan contains a raft of short, medium and long-term housing initiatives to address the complex housing issue.

“In a city with a growing population we want to make sure that all our residents not only have homes, but that they have homes which are warm, dry, safe and affordable; it’s a challenge but trust us, we’re working on it.”

The 10-year plan includes investment of $22 million of capital and $5.7 million of operational funding to deliver the Council’s housing strategy. The council will also provide 750 affordable and social homes.

Other projects include establishing new entities to deliver housing and urban regeneration projects, and working with owners on the conversion of inner city commercial buildings to apartments.

“We’re also working positively with Government agencies to deliver Te Whare Oki Oki and expect to begin this in the 2018/19 financial year.”

Housing portfolio leader Councillor Brian Dawson says as one of the biggest landlords in the country, the City Council was uniquely positioned to work across the government and private sector, and with Wellingtonians to resolve this housing issue.

“A partnership approach to solving this complex issue will underpin our work over the next decade. We have included additional support for homelessness and emergency housing because we are committed to supporting those in need and getting them into a house,” he says.

The draft 10-Year Plan document will be discussed by councillors on 7 March and formal consultation will begin on 15 April.

News from RNZ
Brian Dawson said that compared to the hundreds of millions going to transport and resilience over the next 10 years, it was not a huge figure. But the council wouldn’t be the one building houses.

“What we’re doing is working in partnership with government through the KiwiBuild programme and with private developers and others to facilitate the delivery of housing,” he said. “And that money basically allows us to do some of the work that needs to be done to allow that to happen.”


  1. Ian Apperley, 1. March 2018, 8:45

    Again, the numbers don’t stack.

  2. Keith Flinders, 1. March 2018, 8:55

    The Wellington City Council’s 10-year plan sets out a clear road map to deliver on our vision for all Wellingtonians to have a safe, dry, warm homes, says Mayor Justin Lester.

    ALL ! what a load of twaddle. Those on low incomes struggling to maintain and heat their own homes, plus those on fixed incomes, including pensioners, will be paying an even higher proportion of their income through rate increases to subsidise warm and dry social housing. The winter fuel allowance pensioners will get from this year will substantially eaten up by rates increases, increases which have been three or more times the average wage increase percentage for the past few years.

    It would be more to the point if the proposed WCC vanity projects were abandoned so that rates increases are no more in percentage terms than the statutory minimum wage.

  3. Citizen Joe, 1. March 2018, 11:40

    How is Gordon Wilson Flats coming along Justin? Have you decided to implement your penalties for land bankers yet (as you promised to do a year or so ago)? Or is Victoria University a special case?

  4. Elaine Hampton, 1. March 2018, 14:01

    Ahhh so! we are not selling any social housing after all?
    New entities to deliver housing? May be a sell off.
    Money for private owners to convert office buildings, is this loans or grants?
    Trust us – like to see the detail first.

  5. Michael Gibson, 1. March 2018, 14:06

    Why didn’t he use his special relationship with Maori to get affordable housing included at Shelly Bay? Ratepayers are having to fork out millions to the developer without any such commonsense stipulation.