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Nineteen new police officers to start work in Wellington

News from NZ Police
Nineteen of the eighty recruits starting training at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua today are destined for the Capital.

These additional Police officers from Wing 315 will be on the beat in a few months.

“Having 19 extra Constables in Wellington will be a boost to policing numbers and is great news for the community”, says Superintendent Sam Hoyle, Wellington District Commander.

“The extra staff in Wellington will mean more staff on the front line responding to calls, holding offenders to account and keeping people safe.”

Over the next 16 weeks, they will receive extensive training to ensure they are fully equipped to undertake frontline duties. Training includes driver training, firearms training and training in defensive tactics.

After graduating from Police College, officers will work within a supportive team as general duties constables, responding to emergencies and preventing crime in the community.

Police are striving to increase overall staff numbers over the next three years to meet its objective of being the safest country.

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  1. Geraldine, 13. March 2018, 11:36

    That’s great. Be good to see some allocated to community policing roles, including the inner city, so their presence and as individuals become part of the community life (as a means of prevention) rather than only when there is a problem.