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Water supply to Johnsonville disrupted by burst main

News from WCC
There’s been a major water main burst in Broderick Road, Johnsonville.

Unfortunately the burst has tripped a shut-off valve at a local reservoir so there is either no water or low water pressure to much of Johnsonville and parts of Broadmeadows and Paparangi.

It may take up to nine hours to get water back on.

Crews are working to fix the break – and motorists are urged to avoid Broderick Road between Johnsonville Road and Moorefield Road due to traffic congestion as westbound traffic will be reduced to one lane while the burst is repaired.

Earlier News from WCC
Due to a burst in a main on Broderick Road in Johnsonville, there will be low pressure or no water in most of the Johnsonville area.

It could take a few hours to restore water.

News from Wellington Water
A water main has burst on Broderick Road in Johnsonville. This means there may be low pressure or no water to surrounding areas, including Broadmeadows.

We are onsite isolating the main and working to restore water. It may take a few hours to get water recharged to all areas.

UPDATE at 4.15pm
-The repairs will take approx 6 hours;
-System is up and running, some areas will have water now, and we anticipate all customers will have water in the next 2-3 hours;
-Flush your taps when you first turn them on.