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Gareth Morgan is to give his super to charity, wants others to do the same

Press release from Gareth Morgan
Wellington philanthropist and Opportunities Party founder Gareth Morgan is pledging his taxpayer-funded superannuation to charity after asking the public what he should do with it.

An overwhelming 72% of those who responded to Dr Morgan’s online survey opted for the charity option with 18% saying he just shouldn’t claim it and 10% of the view he should keep it and enjoy it.

But, Dr Morgan is going a step further, pledging to match dollar-for-dollar the first 100 superannuitants who pledge one year’s worth of their NZ Super to the children’s healthcare charity his family’s charity, The Morgan Foundation, is establishing.

“We have 20% of children in need of primary healthcare or GP services who are being denied access from our so-called public health service”, Dr Morgan said. “The reasons are varied but include some GP practices being unable to coordinate with patients who cannot afford to take time off work to make appointments. No prizes for guessing which income and ethnic groups are worst off”, he says.

“This is where the priority of taxpayer spending should be, solving the bottlenecks in primary healthcare for low income families – not on giving NZ Super to people who don’t need it, that’s just obscene”.

The project will create a $3 million-dollar fund that The Morgan Foundation is looking to apply to schools, kindergartens and other child caring organisations that are endeavouring to ensure children under their charge get timely help from primary healthcare providers.

Those superannuitants prepared to be members of the first 100 Elder Carers should email childhealth@garethmorgan.com.


  1. BasilF, 18. March 2018, 16:05

    Does Mr Morgan expect our praise and admiration for this? He could have made his donation anonymously and not sought to shame others who have far less wealth than he has.

  2. michael, 19. March 2018, 21:59

    Lovely that he can afford to do this – perhaps he could put in a few hundred thousand as well in place of those who only have the super to live on.

  3. Peter Kerr, 20. March 2018, 8:56

    For those who are not, we ought to be thankful that we do not suffer the tortures of the rich. The Doctor’s contorted obsession with money, including everyone else’s, reminds me of a bald man seeking advice on what to do with his combs.

  4. Neil Douglas, 20. March 2018, 10:13

    Top man Garth could spend his super on topping up the salary of a decent Phoenix/NZ manager.

    Bring back Ricky Herbert I say as the Phoenix can’t do any worse than bottom which is where they’ve been for sometime now. Remember that Ricky did two jobs and did them well. Not only did Ricky take the Phoenix to the A league play-offs, he took NZ to the 2010 World Cup finals where they didn’t lose a game.

    Ricky managed NZ for a reported $50k a year, so Garth’s $25k super could pay Ricky for half a year. Now, that would be a top thing for Garth to do.