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Cyclists’ biggest concern: safety

News from Cycling Action Network
A new survey from the Cycling Action Network reveals the biggest concern among more than a thousand cyclists is safety.

68 percent said drivers are not prepared to ‘share the road’ with people on bikes.
67 percent are concerned about the lack of safe cycling networks.

A record 18 people on bikes were killed in 2017 and more than 700 injured.

Cycling advocate Jan Nisbet, who has just received a Wellington Lifetime Achievement Award for championing cycling, said: “Most cyclists are also car drivers. If you just think about slowing down, it makes it easier for everyone”.

The survey also showed the reason people cycle differs by age:
30-65 year olds cycle for exercise, fun and commuting
Under 30s cycle to save money, out of concern for the planet, for exercise and for commuting.

Half of all those surveyed do it to save money.

The survey showed more people want to cycle, but it’s not seen as safe.

So what would make it safer?

Patrick Morgan from the Cycling Action Network would like to see protected cycleways, with concrete kerbing separating motor vehicles from people on bikes. The Network is calling on people to sign its petition demanding that Government and councils:

1. Build more bike lanes in our cities and towns
2. Educate drivers and cyclists about sharing the road
3. Slow traffic on urban streets and rural roads.

“I know it’s hard retrofitting bike lanes, but where there’s a will there’s a way”, Ms Nisbet said.

When people cycle there’s less congestion. Central London now has more people cycling during rush hour than travelling by car. In Copenhagen, 50 percent of people travel to work by bike.

The petition, signed by more than 7,000 people, will be presented to Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter at the Road Safety Summit this month.


  1. Over 60s Count, 2. April 2018, 11:10

    What do over 65 year olds do? I see the reported results end at 65. I know lots of retired folk who cycle. Hopefully Winston Peters will ensure that old folk’s cycling needs are not overlooked.

  2. luke, 2. April 2018, 13:00

    i wish they would hurry up and fill in some missing links to create a network.