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Focus on benefits of light rail welcome news for Wellington

The FIT Wellington group have welcomed the new government focus on rapid transit and rail, which it says will be particularly beneficial for the capital. It calls on LGWM to include light rail in the proposals which are soon to be released.

Media release from FIT Wellington
“The just–released draft government policy statement on transport is a major leap forward in government thinking and welcome news for Wellington’s transport and urban form ” says FIT Wellington’s spokesperson John Rankin.

FIT strongly approves of the GPS aims to reduce single occupant car transport through support of more efficient , low-cost walking, cycling and public transport. FIT also welcomes the greater focus on climate change impacts and recognition of the public health benefits of reducing harmful transport emissions and promoting more physical exercise.

“Building more urban motorways and road tunnels is last century’s solution” says John Rankin.

“The government’s promotion of rapid transit and rail will be particularly beneficial for Wellington. Truly rapid transit by buses alone will not be possible in Wellington’s narrow CBD: even double-deckers will be too slow and limited in capacity to move enough people quickly.

“Light rail will achieve all the government’s strategic directions of improved safety, access, environmental benefits and value for money — it will cost about half the $2.3billion estimated for four-lanes-to-the-planes with three times the passenger capacity of private cars in any new Mt Victoria road tunnels.

“By being truly rapid, it will compete favourably with private car travel through the city, reduce road congestion and give benefits to the whole Wellington region.

“The Let’s Get Wellington Moving team must now take note of the new transport environment the government has signalled, and include rapid transit using light rail in its soon to be released proposal for Wellington’s transport future”.

FIT (Fair Intelligent Transport), Wellington.