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Jackson’s trench with stench exhibition opens, two years late

A long-delayed new section of Peter Jackson’s Great War Exhibition in the old Dominion Museum Building was opened by the Governor-General last night – more than two years later than expected.

It is an interactive “Trench Experience,” which the DomPost reported was supposed to open in August 2015 but was then delayed till April 2016, then till mid-2017, and not finally opening till yesterday.

The “experience” is billed as a visceral and personal journey inside the sights, sounds and smells of warfare, complete with the stench of the trenches.

The exhibition website says the Trench Experience will be open from 9 a.m. on Saturday. Here’s its description:

Live moment to moment, as the ANZAC troops did in the trenches at GallipolI, only a bomb’s throw away from the Turks. In this unique re-creation of Quinn’s Post, encounter the noise, the explosions, the stench, the confined environment those men had to deal with during the ferocious struggle between opposing forces. At times confronting, this will be an experience like no other!

The Trench Experience may be booked as a stand-alone option, however, our combo deal is the best way to experience The Great War Exhibition and Quinn’s Post Trench Experience. Our combo includes admission, a 45-minute guided tour from one of our knowledgeable guides and the 30-minute sensory experience within The Trench.

The Quinn’s Post Trench sensory experience may not be suitable for all visitors.

Asked last year why completion of the Trench exhibition had been delayed so long, the National Military Heritage Charitable Trust Board chair Dame Fran Wilde said: Jackson – who was in charge of its construction – was the only person who could explain the delays. “I think he has been busy.”


  1. Traveller, 13. April 2018, 14:34

    Though the city council agreed more than two years ago to pay for the Jackson Movie Museum building, construction has never started. If it ever gets going, the project will have been delayed at least twice as long as the trench exhibition.

  2. Concerned Wellingtonian, 14. April 2018, 11:00

    With respect, Traveller, the approach which has recently been adopted by the WCC is to pad its budget by including things which it hopes will ingratiate itself with somebody, usually a developer or influential film-maker. If ratepayers object loudly enough, the money can then be used for other things (such as disguising inefficiencies) without us noticing too much.
    Keep on giving your views, I say!