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Cycling advocates dismayed by dangers on Thorndon Quay


Media release from CAW
The decision by the Wellington City Council City to ignore pleas to make Thorndon Quay safe has dismayed and angered cycling advocates.

“This flies in the face of the Government’s recent call for a zero road death toll and Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter’s message that Councils need to show more courage in providing safer infrastructure for cyclists”, says Ron Beernink, chair of Cycle Aware Wellington.

At a public meeting on 12 April, the Strategy Committee heard from cycling advocacy representatives and individuals that the proposed interim improvements to only a small part of the northern end of Thorndon Quay were not acceptable, and that the Council needed to instead urgently address the serious risks along all of Thorndon Quay, particularly those caused by angle parking.

Ron Beernink acknowledges that the interim solution will convert some of angle parking to safer parallel parking, but pointed out that without an agreed plan and timeframe the solution can’t be seen as ‘interim’.


“The design does not provide for protected bike lanes and it sets a poor precedent for busy roads like Thorndon Quay. It does not meet NZTA safety guidelines, and should be rejected.

“Ironically, this design for Thorndon Quay is similar to the old Island Bay Parade layout. What message does that send?”.

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  1. Amit, 20. April 2018, 10:21

    The issue is with car drivers recklessly reversing with no respect for bicycle riders. The drivers fail to respect that someone on a bike has taken one car off the road, giving them less traffic, more parking space. Bike riders are motorists too.

  2. luke, 20. April 2018, 14:48

    theyve been spooked by the bikelash. Ridiculous that motorists’ convenience outweighs cyclists’ safety.

  3. Roy Kutel, 20. April 2018, 21:36

    @Amit – cyclists use road space too (especially with dedicated bike lanes) and they don’t pay anything for it which gets right up motorists’ rear view mirror.

    And, the Hutt Road cycle lane looks a right old hazard, crossing so many exit/entrance ways. I trust the WCC has kept its Public Liability insurance up to date.

  4. Sarah Free, 21. April 2018, 10:00

    This government has now signalled a huge focus on cycling, walking and PT and public attitudes are changing rapidly;- hence I am hopeful of re-engaging on Thorndon Quay with a different outcome in the not too distant future. We do have to bring our communities with us. [via twitter]

  5. Kent Lundberg, 21. April 2018, 17:44

    Painted medians are dumb. [via twitter]

  6. Farmer John, 22. April 2018, 9:26

    @Kent, and big trucks (H class) can’t stay on the right side of painted double yellow lines on SH2 over the Rimutakas. There’s a massive accident looming when two H class trucks meet each other.

  7. Mike Mellor, 22. April 2018, 12:03

    “cyclists use road space too (especially with dedicated bike lanes) and they don’t pay anything for it” – that’s just not true. The Council’s share of road expenditure comes out of the rates, and you pay that irrespective of how you travel; and the government’s contribution to dedicated bike lanes etc comes from the Urban Cycleways Fund, which is funded from general taxation, paid by everyone.

    Let’s put this “cyclists paying nothing” myth to bed once and for all.

  8. Peter Barlow, 22. April 2018, 12:52

    Thorndon Quay is a danger to all cyclists until it is converted with a recognised bicycle lane. The angle parks must go. Just what happened to the consultation group that the Wellington City Council had to address the problem?

  9. Roy Kutel, 22. April 2018, 19:12

    Okay Mike I agree that cyclists chip in with a ratepayer dollar now and again but you’d have to agree that cyclists take up road space. If Councils weren’t planning and building cycleways our rates bill could be lower? Just how much did the Island Bay cycleway cost? What’s galling is that cyclists don’t use the cycleway but continue on the remaining narrower road (sometimes cycling two abreast) so it’s no wonder some motorists are getting resentful of urban cyclists behaving as if they own the traffic lights and junctions as well as the road they cycle on. Parp that horn!

  10. Guy M, 22. April 2018, 21:16

    Roy Kutel – you’re completely out of order there mate. “Cyclists chip in with a ratepayer dollar now and again” ?? Actually, all ratepayers pay rates, whether they cycle, walk or drive, so that is a stupid and irrelevant comment to make. What you need to understand is that the best way of reducing congestion on the roads is to provide alternative means of transportation. That means we need to create better bus lanes, better pavements, better cycle ways, and stop the emphasis on just roads. Cos we’ve tried that for years and it’s just not working.