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Duckshooters warned by police: secure your firearms

News from NZ Police
Marton Police would like to remind duck shooters to properly secure their firearms. This follows an incident where a firearm was found in a hotel carpark in Marton, leaning against a vehicle unsecured while the owner celebrated opening day inside the bar.

When Police were made aware of this, a further eight firearms were found inside unsecure vehicles in the same carpark.

The firearms were seized and the owners could have their Firearms Licenses revoked.

This is not an isolated incident and duck shooters and hunters need to be reminded that firearms need to be properly secured and not left unsupervised in vehicles.

It is not acceptable that vehicles are left unlocked with firearms inside in plain view.

Licence holders need to be vigilant and security conscious. These firearms are easy targets for criminals and one firearm in the wrong hands is one too many.

Police will not hesitate to seize firearms from unsecured vehicles.