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Treaty Minister challenged by angry kaumātua during protest at Parliament

Report from RNZ
About 600 people marched to Parliament in protest this morning demanding that the Crown recognise Māori tikanga in the treaty settlement process.

Iwi leaders from the Far North, Auckland and Tauranga were greeted by Treaty Negotiations Minister Andrew Little and other Māori MPs.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Andrew Little was speaking about the treaty process and the importance of communication when he was challenged by a kaumātua.

The man yelled he would not listen to “bullshit”.

“I’m not going to stand here and take this shit. No, no no!”

The man yelled at Mr Little: “You are taking us to war.”

He then moved closer to the minister and said in te reo Māori: “Na Tauranga Moana tēnei whenua” [this land belongs to Tauranga Moana]. He said Mr Little was wrong saying the land belonged to Hauraki.

A kuia did a karanga to try and ease the tension.

Labour MP Willie Jackson standing beside Mr Little stepped forward during the confrontation. As the kaumatua concluded his challenge, supporters put their arms around his shoulders and guided him away.


  1. Barbara S, 16. May 2018, 17:17

    This video brought me to tears watching a pack of swearing and war dancing over the Treaty settlement process. Can’t Maori sort out their tribal disputes with some dignity?

  2. Mel G., 16. May 2018, 18:07

    Must have been cold for the spear waving warriors: Were they wearing Irish, Scottish or Welsh tartan wrap-arounds?

  3. Pam S, 24. May 2018, 18:57

    @Mel G, @Barbara S… Must be comfy commenting on these issues from your ivory towers.