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Refurbish or demolish? Fate of four wharves being reviewed

News from Hutt City Council
TheHutt City Council is reviewing work to refurbish or demolish the wharves at Rona Bay, Days Bay, Point Howard and Petone.

The review comes after initial work on the Rona Bay Wharf and detailed underwater inspections found more extensive damage and decay in piles of the Rona Bay, Days Bay and Petone wharves than was earlier assessed.

Council Divisional Manager Parks and Gardens, Bruce Hodgins, says the additional work required is likely to be significant. However, detail on any additional work or costs won’t be available until the current scope of work and new information on the condition of the piles is fully analysed by engineering and quantity surveying specialists.

Funds put aside for the work were based on rough-order costs, which underestimated the condition of the wharves, he says. Work to date on Rona Bay Wharf suggests the cost of refurbishment could be double the initial estimate of $1.4 million for this wharf alone.

“With projects like these – especially those with their foundations under water – the true scale and cost of the work is often only known once detailed work gets underway.”

The original $7.3 million estimated cost of completing work on the four wharves was included in Council’s 2017 Annual Plan, to be spread over three years of work.

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