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Police to open new communications centre in Paraparaumu, with 150 staff

News from NZ Police
New Zealand Police have signed a concract for a new building in Paraparaumu. Police Commissioner Mike Bush says the site is for new staff working in a new Police non-emergency communications and digital centre.

“We aspire to be the world’s safest country and have the trust and confidence of all. To achieve this, our commitment to service must be central to everything we do. So this year we’re setting ourselves up to transform the way we provide our service to the public.

“This is all in addition to building our frontline because we know the public still want to engage face-to-face with local police in their community,” says Commissioner Bush.

“The new roles in Paraparaumu have been established as part of wider work to improve the way NZ Police provides its service to the public.

“We are increasing our overall resources, and changing the way we work to provide a better service to those contacting Police in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

“The new non-emergency communications and digital centre increases our capacity to meet demand and is a key step as we prepare for the introduction of one non-emergency number for the whole country, as well as expand our online crime reporting services.”

Recruitment to fill these new roles will begin shortly.

“We’re aiming to have 50 new staff prior to Christmas, and 120 in Paraparaumu by the end of next year.

“This is an exciting opportunity for people to join Police in a vital role.

These communicators will be the first point of contact for many members of the public, and they will play an important role in building the public’s trust and confidence in Police.

It is anticipated the Paraparaumu site will open in late 2018 when the fit-out and recruitment processes are complete.

Press Release – Kapiti Coast District Council
A New Zealand Police communications and digital centre is coming to the Kāpiti Coast and it’s bringing 120 new jobs with it. Mayor K Gurunathan says the opportunity comes at an exciting time in our district’s growth and development.

“We’ve been talking with the Police around this possibility and we’re thrilled that it’s now happening in our community. This centre will bring many more jobs to Kāpiti, and help the Police better serve their customers in non-emergency situations.”

Recruitment to fill jobs at the centre will begin shortly.

The Paraparaumu centre is expected to open in late 2018 once the fit-out and recruitment process are complete.


  1. Mel, 12. June 2018, 14:03

    These aren’t additional positions are they? Or will these jobs affect people who are in existing jobs all over nz?

  2. Farmer John, 12. June 2018, 22:55

    150 front-line police in Paraparaumu? Is there civil disobedience going on? Are the pensioners revolting about their ever increasing rates bill? Hey we could do with a few extra police officers in the rural areas.