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Warning about dangers of worn-out tyres in Lower Hutt

News from Hutt City Council
The number of cars with worn-out tyres has increased noticeably, according to the Hutt City Council’s parking wardens.

Parking Manager Barry Rippon says the increase is probably due to regulatory changes extending the time between warrant of fitness checks.

Rippon says another likely contributor is, ironically, the greater reliability of cars. Less frequent services mean less chance of worn or unsafe tyres coming under the scrutiny of mechanics. He warns against waiting until a vehicle service or warrant of fitness renewal to check tyres.

“Many manufacturers advise owners to check tyre condition and pressure at least monthly or at each fuel refill.

“If you don’t know what your vehicle’s tyre pressure should be, or if you suspect the tyre tread is getting low, see a tyre retailer or your local garage promptly.”

Rippon says the start of winter makes it vital motorists are more vigilant about checking their tyres.

“In wet conditions, worn or under-inflated tyres can lead to aquaplaning as well as increased braking distances. Such tyres can cause poor handling and can even lead to loss of control and a crash.

“For your own safety and that of your passengers, check your tyres regularly.”

Rippon says incorrectly inflated tyres also wear out much faster, pushing up running costs.

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