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Bus company says all its services ran without disruption on Monday

Press Release from Transurban
Tranzurban shrugged off expected union action to run all its commuter and school bus services in the Hutt Valley and Wellington without disruption on Monday.

“It was a tremendous effort. No significant issues, all services completed – I couldn’t be prouder of our team,’ says Tranzit Group managing director Paul Snelgrove.

“We always knew that Monday was going to be a big test and we were ready for it. Despite attempts by some in the Tramways Union to wreck things for Hutt commuters in particular, our team got the job done. That’s what we do and what we’ll continue doing to the best of our ability.”

Mr Snelgrove says the publicised action by 50 drivers never amounted to anything significant.

“No drivers ended up stopping work. It’s yet another example of the how Tramways Union bosses keep getting things very wrong.

“They were wrong on pay. They were wrong on conditions. Our drivers are paid and treated well. That’s why they choose to work for us and why they backed us.”

Despite the animosity shown by union bosses, Mr Snelgrove says Tranzit Group remains open to discussing a possible collective agreement for Tramways members employed by Tranzurban.

“But I’ll say again: we won’t engage with people who think scaremongering and intimidation of our team is the way to get what they want.

“The Tramways Union claims we haven’t spoken to them in six weeks and that we’re not prepared to come to the table. That’s yet another untruth. We’ve been in direct contact with their lawyers several times this month alone to try and advance things on, and we’ve got the correspondence to prove it.

“In fact, it’s Tramways that’s holding things up. While they delay things, they’re the ones punishing commuters and their own members.”

Press Release from Tranzurban – July 22
“Monday was always going to be a big day, but the union action in the Hutt Valley will not have a significant impact,¨ said Paul Snelgrove, managing director of Tranzit Group.

“We’ve got the drivers we need and they’re 100% committed to doing what’s required to get everyone to where they need to go. I couldn’t be prouder of the way our team has pulled together.

“This is a trumped up action based on false claims.

“Everything the union has claimed has been proven to be untrue. Our drivers are paid and treated well. No driver works 14 hours. It has been independently verified that we offer some of the best hourly rates and terms and conditions in the country.

“The union is punishing commuters – and its own members – for no good reason.”

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  1. Traveller, 22. July 2018, 15:25

    Judging by so many of this morning´s reports on twitter, Mr Snelgrove´s claim that there will be no significant impact is wrong.

  2. Peter Kerr, 23. July 2018, 11:19

    There are no false claims being made. Drivers are working to unsafe and unlawful schedules which over-ride required work breaks. (On an overcrowded bus last Friday, I overheard two drivers discussing this very point, saying they could be at the wheel for five hours uninterrupted).
    The passengers are being punished, not by the drivers, but by the pressure put on them by a cost driven contractor and an enfeebled Regional Council.

  3. Traveller, 23. July 2018, 19:34

    Judging by so many disruptions reported on twitter, Mr Snelgrove is wrong in his claim that there were no problems on Monday.

  4. Concerned Wellingtonian, 24. July 2018, 6:40

    I wish to comment on the phrase “enfeebled Regional Council.” It has only been enfeebled because voters have chosen past-it ex-politicians who have no experience of the real commercial world. If voters are sucked into voting for ‘names’ and/or supposed do-gooders then it is voters who have been doing the enfeebling. Please can they do better next time.

  5. City Lad, 24. July 2018, 11:47

    Chris Laidlaw and Paul Snelgrove are both clearly offside. Holding their private meetings in telephone boxes must cease. There needs more room for the Tramways Union to participate in this crucial game!