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Laidlaw thanks bus commuters for patience during disruption

News from Regional Council – July 20
The patience of Wellington bus customers during the first week of the new bus network in Wellington City, Porirua and Kapiti has been very much appreciated, says Greater Wellington Regional Council chair, Chris Laidlaw.

Mr Laidlaw says any change of this scale and complexity was bound to bring with it a degree of disruption and discomfort in the early stages, and so it proved with the introduction of the new bus network this week.

“We know there has been disruption for some and we understand the impact of this change on many of our customers. We appreciate the patience they have shown as the new system settles in.

“Some are asking why we needed to undertake this exercise, when the old system was seemingly working perfectly well.

“The reality is that we have no choice. The region is growing and the customer base is spreading further into the outer suburbs. It wasn’t an option to simply go on adding extra buses to a network that was no longer fit for purpose. To have done so would only have added to the congestion in the inner city, and failed to address the transport needs of our newer and fast-growing suburbs.”

Mr Laidlaw says to have done nothing would have been irresponsible and would have left a much larger problem for future councils to have to deal with.

“There will be further discomfort still to come in the next week or so as the network settles in and we all develop the new routines and habits we need to get the best out of the new system.

“Each day sees more services running to schedule and I’m confident that when we all get used to the new network we’ll feel that the early discomfort was worth it, with more people being able to use our public transport to go to more places, more often,” Mr Laidlaw says.

Posted on 20 July 2018