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Strengthening costing $1.2m starts on Upper Hutt Central Library

News from the Upper Hutt City Council
Earthquake strengthening work started this week on the Upper Hutt Central Library building.

Maycroft Construction was awarded the contract at last week’s Council meeting.

This week’s preparatory work included replacement of the main glass doors with ply doors (to ensure the glass isn’t broken when diggers and drilling rigs drive in), removing the carpet, and erecting scaffolding throughout the building.

Contractors are likely to use the front and rear carparks around the building during the construction period.

Once the preparatory work is complete, strengthening work will begin inside the building. This includes:

• strengthening the steel roof trusses

• securing the roof to the walls

• installing ground anchors and beams to strengthen internal walls

• reinstatement

The strengthening work will cost $1.2 million and is expected to be complete by Christmas. Members of the public are welcome to view progress through the windows on the west side of the building.

“We’re really excited to see this work get underway,” says Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy. “We had to make a call to close the building in February—for the safety of the public and our staff—but it’s great to see that the building will be repaired in less than a year.”

The Library building was closed on 7 February after a seismic report found the building to be earthquake prone. The Library service has been temporarily relocated to a Pop-up Library space on Level 1 of` the CBD towers, and has been operating since 26 April.

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