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Heritage Week: a chance to visit the City Archives


by Lenette Breytenbach
The Wellington City Council Archives will be opening to the public this Labour Day 22 October as part of the events for Wellington Heritage Week.

Wellington City Archives is home to records and relics from civic history, and this Labour Day they will be proudly displaying and discussing all they have accumulated in their 25 years of collecting.

Staff and guest hosts will discuss getting the best out of your research, items from their object collection, and provide question and answer opportunities during a guided tour. The event will shine a light on the activities of the Wellington City Archives and their role in the community.

Wellington City Archives sits at the end of Barker Street, and is home to documents, books, photographs, objects, and records that contain information about all aspects of Wellington community and council life from the city’s foundation.

These items are registered, packaged and stored so that the history they contain can be preserved for generations to come.

These records and artefacts aren’t just left to sit on a shelf, however.

They records are regularly requested by members of the public, or by the council, for research or business purposes.

Building records, resource consents, historic rates ledgers, pictures of past events, all of these and more are meticulously kept for any curious eyes to access.

This process is managed by the friendly staff who are able to provide the original physical record or a digitised version depending on your needs. These processes help local historians, council members, scholars, and students find anything they are looking for about the historic City of Wellington and her past residents.

Keep an eye on www.wellingtonheritageweek.co.nz for more information and event details, or visit www.facebook.com/WellingtonHeritageWeek