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Safety improvements for Porirua’s Awarua Street

News from Porirua City Council
Traffic calming measures on Awarua Street in Porirua are being fast-tracked after calls from the community for people to “slow down for our kids”.

“We’ve been consulting with residents and the schools on Awarua Street for the past few months and have agreed a number of traffic calming measures to stop speeding vehicles,” says Transport Manager Mike Evans.

He says the works were planned to be completed in October/November but they have been brought forward for completion by the end of September.

“Last week a car was seen travelling at 100km per hour on the 50 km speed limit road before it crashed near Porirua School and we want to take steps to reduce the traffic speed as soon as we can.”

“There will be two pedestrian crossings, one outside Porirua Primary School and another near Hukatai Street. These crossings will make it safe for students who go to Porirua School and Mana College to cross Awarua Street safely. Both crossings will have centre refuge islands and round yellow beacons that will be lit at night.

“We’re also installing six speed cushions along Awarua Street at regular intervals between Titahi Bay Road and Kotuku Street. These will stop motorists being tempted to speed along this road and will reduce the likelihood of future speed related accidents.”

Deputy Mayor Izzy Ford and Western Ward Councillors Mike Duncan and ‘Ana Coffey welcome the safety improvements.

“It’s a miracle no children have been injured as a result of people speeding on this road,” Clr Ford says. “It’s good news that these safety improvements will be carried out soon and that this busy area will be a lot safer for our children. We’re asking everyone to take care on the road, especially around areas where there are kids.”

Clr Mike Duncan says he’s delighted for the community.

“I think it should be recorded that credit has to go too to the fledgling Elsdon Community Group who have been pro-active in keeping the urgency of this work in front of the Council. It’s a great result.”

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