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Eighteen Hutt Road drivers ticketed for using their cellphones

News from New Zealand Police
Police remind drivers to keep off their phones while behind the wheel.

On August 15 the Wellington Road Policing team conducted a mobile phone operation from 4 to 5pm on the Hutt Road, Petone.

During the operation 18 drivers were issued infringements for using their phones, while a further 17 were issued infringements for not wearing their seatbelt.

Wellington Road Policing Senior Sergeant Simon de Wit said the number of infringements issued was disappointing.

“It is really disappointing and it shows that drivers are still willing to take unnecessary risks on our roads,” he said.

“There are a lot of other distractions while driving, but drivers using mobile phones has become a significant problem.”

Police advise drivers to turn their phone off or put it on silent while driving to reduce the temptation to read that text message or answer that phone call.


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  1. Chris Horne, 23. August 2018, 22:07

    Congratulations to our police on yet another job well done! Drivers using cellphones while in charge of a motor vehicle are a menace to other road users, especially pedestrians who have right-of-way on pedestrian crossings which are not controlled by traffic lights.

    On my bus route, when the traffic lights go green at the bottom of Northland Tunnel Road, drivers using cellphones are often so busy chatting on their phones, or texting, that they take time to realise that the light has gone green. Our buses are delayed, in the worst cases, having to wait for the light to go green again.

    People using cellphones when driving are potential killers, without a doubt, and simultaneously selfish beyond belief.

    Let’s hope that our police have enough staff to enable them to monitor cellphone use by drivers with great frequency, and that the first fine for cellphone use by a driver is high enough to be a serious deterrent, backed up by home detention and cancellation of driving licence for repeat offences.

  2. luke, 24. August 2018, 8:38

    motorists using cellphones is what terrifies me most as a cyclist. If they can’t keep off their cellphones they shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car.

  3. glenn, 24. August 2018, 9:09

    What terrifies me most Luke, is middle aged men, thinking they are Lance Armstrong, while clad in form fitting lycra.

  4. Andy Mellon, 24. August 2018, 10:20

    @Chris Horne. Some might argue that such policing is long overdue. As I walk around Lower Hutt on the weekends, the number of drivers looking down into their laps for a surreptitious glance at (I can only assume) their mobile phone is staggering. There just isn’t enough of this kind of policing, whilst they’re happy to use resources to park a speed camera by the side of SH1/SH2 for a good chunk of every weekend.

    More attention needs to be paid to mobile users and red light runners IMO.

  5. Cecil Roads, 24. August 2018, 11:32

    What annoys me are jay walking pedestrians using their cell phones.

  6. Traveller, 24. August 2018, 11:38

    They may get killed, but they won’t kill you.

  7. Cecil Roads, 24. August 2018, 13:32

    @Traveller Yes they can – if a bus or car has to swerve and hits me as I’m walking along the pavement.