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Anti-violence action launched in Banquet Hall

Press release – NZ Government
The Associate Minister of Social Development and Employment, Tariana Turia, spoke in Wellington this afternoon about a new programme of action aimed at addressing and eliminating family violence among Maori and Pasifika communities.

The strategies were put together for the Taskforce for Action on Violence Within Families by the Maori Reference Group and the Pacific Advisory Group after a series of meetings with families and communities throughout the country. They were launched this afternoon in the Banquet Hall at Parliament.

“The strategies reinforce that it will not be the Government who decides whether or not an end is brought to family violence, but families themselves,” Mrs Turia said.

“I have faith that these strategies will work because they give back to Maori and Pasifika communities the autonomy to come up with their own solutions, rather than to be dictated to by government and its agencies.

“The strategies are based on dreams and values that are central to the peoples of the Pacific and I believe they are attainable but that they will require everyone including the Government to use every ounce of strength that we have.”

Over the next five years the Government and the taskforce will implement the strategies, although “there is no quick fix to any of the serious social problems that this country faces, but we must have hope for change.”