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Bad timing with the hubs


by Lindsay Shelton
Bad luck if you want to use the new bus hub in Brooklyn.


It’s more than six weeks since Wellington’s new bus system was introduced, but the Regional Council’s new hubs – including this one in Brooklyn – are nowhere near being completed. Something has gone wrong with the timing, though no one seems willing to accept the blame.


The mess in Brooklyn makes it challenging to get in and out of the library or even to talk down the street. The old bus stop used to be a wooden structure tucked snugly up against the wall of the library. The new hub shelter – if and when it’s completed – doesn’t look as if it’ll give much protection from wind and rain.


Down the hill in Newtown, the unfinished Hutchison Road hub is not so cluttered. But there’s still a lot of work to be done – sealing the road, installing new lights. With time to wonder why bus travellers should have to cross to the middle of the road, in order to wait for the (overdue?) buses.

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  1. Jonny Utzone, 27. August 2018, 8:32

    Bus ‘hubs’? They look like bus stops to me but I guess they need extra concrete foundations for the single rear axle battery 18 ton double deckers.

    I guess GWRC will leave repairing the deformation of city centre streets to WCC to repair and city ratepayers to fund.

  2. Katie, 27. August 2018, 16:35

    Don’t forget Kilbirnie. The alleged construction was brilliantly timed to coincide with major roadworks (and accompanied road closures) in EXACTLY the same spot.

  3. Guy M, 28. August 2018, 9:53

    Well, it is 100% the fault of the GWRC and nobody else. They’ve only had, what is it – eight years to plan for this? And the fact that Laidlaw and his bunch can’t organise some bus-stops to be built in time only shows how incompetent the GWRC are, and why they deserve to be disbanded forthwith.

    But also – this is NOT a hub. It’s just a bus shelter, open on two sides to the wind, in one of the suburbs of Wellington so well known for wind that it has its own wind turbine. If you want or plan for people to be off-loaded off buses and get them to wait around for another bus in 5-20 minutes, then a simple bus-stop just ain’t going to cut the mustard. A true bus hub would imply an enclosed space, with lots of seating, services such as food, drink, toilets, etc, and probably a service agent where you could get information, tickets, sight-seeing info, etc. This is just pathetic. Couldn’t organise a booze-up in a brewery.

  4. Andrew, 28. August 2018, 11:16

    What are the chances they make the turn around zone outside the library a bus only zone? Brooklyn is starting to turn into a bus storage area at certain times of the day.

  5. Chris Horne, 29. August 2018, 16:26

    Let’s hope that the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Wellington City Council do not allow the erection at the much-vaunted “hubs” of any of those hopeless structures provided by ADSHEL. They are useless when it is windy, and worse than useless when it is windy and raining. In addition, their advertising hoardings are a visual assault on our city and suburbs.

  6. Joe, 29. August 2018, 17:14

    I googled “bus hubs” images when reading this article. It was shocking.