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  1. Guy M, 28. August 2018, 7:43

    Totally disagree with your attitude Frank – the SHA process was a complete disaster, and the councillors were right to send it packing. I’m not sure whether SHA ever worked in Auckland, but they certainly have not worked in Wellington. It has been an unqualified disaster in Shelly Bay, that’s for sure, where a piece of land like that should have had long and thoughtful discussion, rather than designs being prepared and then presented fait accompli, without the local community having any say so.

    There should be no shame in having projects go through the Notification process. In fact, it’s rude not to. SHA rules say, in effect, we don’t care what is built – it’s completely up to you. Well Frank, I do care, and I think that all who care need to be able to have a say. Secret developments with no comeback have no place in NZ society.

  2. Guy M, 28. August 2018, 7:49

    No one at present lives right ON that part of Adelaide Road, but plenty – including me – live within 5 minutes walk, and I used to work there for years as well. There is no doubt that it is an area ripe for development.
    What Adelaide Road in particular needs is a co-ordinated, well-designed scheme, that takes into account the need for a high-speed public transport link through the centre, the 4 schools that are at one end of it and the major hospital at the other end, the Governor General’s palace and the watercourse running underground through there, as well as a desire for it to be a major area for housing growth. The last thing it needs is developers proposing piece-meal low-cost housing without being part of an overall plan. That’s the real reason why Adelaide Road is not an SHA.

  3. Kerry, 29. August 2018, 21:46

    I agree. It is a good option for Medium Density Housing, but that needs proper planning, in greater detail than usual.
    And the place for well-planned medium-density housing is along a primary PT route.

  4. CC, 29. August 2018, 22:37

    Guy M has been too polite! Mr. McRae has obviously landed from planet Auckland with typical Jafa ignorance and bluster. With a modicum of research, he would find that the few developers who have been providing affordable housing in Wellington have done so by eschewing the SHA rort. Meanwhile, developers who have embraced SHAs haven’t delivered, have been more motivated to enhance the bottom line by attempting to sell consented projects rather than provide new houses or, as in the Shelly Bay case, have used the scheme to roll over the intentions of the pre-SHA RMA and the rules and design guides of the District Plan. It is interesting that Mr. McRae has focussed on the Mayor and Councillors and their votes. If he looked a bit more closely, he would see that the Mayor is compromised by a position he held with the Property Council. Others of the ‘fors’ reflect their political leanings to no lesser degree than the Greens that he highlights in a somewhat disparaging manner. His ‘against’ list are mostly recognised as well informed Councillors who understand the sensitivities of those they represent and have a respect for the strongly held environmental values of Wellingtonians. He might also note that the District Plan is not an 18 year old cast in stone document but has constantly evolved.