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Karori getting two extra buses for morning and evening peaks

News from Wellington Regional Council
Two additional buses have been introduced to increase passenger capacity for Karori commuters during the daily peak, timed for 07:50 and 08:30 Monday through Friday between Karori Park and Courtenay Place. The buses will double up for existing buses already running on posted timetables, providing additional capacity rather than newly scheduled services, for the next three months.

Sourced from Mana Coachlines, the green buses will not feature Metlink livery but will be easily identifiable and display the sign: Route 2 Courtenay Place.

“We know there’s a capacity problem on this route so we’re doing something about it. In the short term the additional buses will help move passengers to their destinations into town. Over the longer term we will better match demand by adding higher capacity buses rather than additional vehicles,’ says Greater Wellington councillor Daran Ponter.

“Where significant capacity issues have been identified, Metlink has acted to meet customer needs.

“Since mid-August 10 buses have now been added into existing schedules to provide a temporary increase in capacity ahead of the full roll out of the bus fleet. We’ve heard, and we’re acting on, customer feedback.”

Route Time Departing Destination Added to network
3 0812 Hutchison Road Stop A Wellington Station 14/8/18
3 0822 Hutchison Road Stop A Wellington Station 14/8/18
36 0750 Kilbirnie Shops Stop B Wellington Station 14/8/18
36 0800 Kilbirnie Shops Stop B Wellington Station 14/8/18
2 0755 Karori Park Courtenay Place 06/9/18
2 0830 Karori Park Courtenay Place 06/9/18
2 1705 Courtenay Place Stop A Karori 24/8/18
2 1720 Courtenay Place Stop A Karori 21/8/18
2 1715 Lambton Quay North End Stop D (Supreme Court) Seatoun 21/8/18
3 1705 Wellington Station Stop B Lyall Bay 21/8/18


  1. Concerned Wellingtonian, 6. September 2018, 16:26

    Will the extra buses have any seats?

  2. greenwelly, 6. September 2018, 17:09

    “Sourced from Mana Coachlines” As this indicates that the current contractors do not have enough vehicles to meet demand, the next question to ask is why?? Were the regional council’s requirements too low, or are the contractors not meeting their end of the deal? Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

  3. Keith Flinders, 6. September 2018, 18:27

    New on route 2 0830 Karori Park Courtenay Place 06/9/18
    According to the timetable in force from 15 July this bus is already running Mon – Fri, so is there an additional one meaning that two will depart Karori Park at the same time ?

    Prior to 15 July 19 buses ran Mon – Fri from Karori Park to Courtenay Place between 07:10 and 08:55. From today 13, or perhaps 14, will run between 07:10 and 09:00. Still 5 or 6 less buses on a heavily patronised route that was short of capacity before 15 July.

  4. judi, 7. September 2018, 22:03

    There used to be 18 buses running at peak hours (plus the #17 that got axed); there are now 12 (if they don’t get cancelled which frequently happens, and they don’t even run through the city which means more inconvenience). They add two more and we’re supposed to be grateful that they’re listening? Not to mention the Karori West and Karori South that now only run in peak time so if you bus your children down to school or kindy, you have to walk back up to Karori West or Karori South. We could have had a competition among senior students to come up with better solution than this debacle.