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Regional Council boss taking over control of troubled bus network

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
Greater Wellington chief executive Greg Campbell is stepping in to take direct leadership of the implementation of the new Wellington bus network for the next three months. He will work alongside the General Manager for Public Transport Wayne Hastie.

Mr Campbell says his assumption of direct responsibility for the bus transition programme reflects the importance the council places on getting it right for our customers.

“While it has been a difficult process on some routes, we will solve the problems. “

The council’s General Manager, Environment Management, Nigel Corry will take up the role of Deputy CEO for the time that Mr Campbell is leading the bus transition programme.

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  1. Lim Leong, 6. September 2018, 19:55

    The CEO is now stepping in as the Programme Manager for the Network Implementation Programme. I guess we can take some comfort that this is a tacit acknowledgement that the new bus network has got major problems, something which GWRC has been denying since day 1.

    My advice to the new Programme Manager is to please get some genuine technical advice from proven, qualified transport network professionals rather than listen to PR Spin people disguised as technical experts. I also hope he will listen more to the common people and less to consultants.

    I would really like Greg to address the fundamental network design issues rather than apply random patches to the network. And I hope common sense will prevail this time.

    I wish the new Programme Manager well and look forward to speedy resolution of the issues. For Wellington’s sake, we all need a functional public transport network tomorrow!

  2. Roy Kutel, 6. September 2018, 20:28

    Given bus and train governance (?) is 75% of what GWRC does, the CEO should already be ‘governing’ it! He gets over $420,000 a year which is a impost of 2 cents a bus trip (maybe 2.2 cents now given the drop off in patronage). Wayne Hastie should be moved to possum control which would at least make possums happy!

  3. Traveller, 6. September 2018, 22:32

    Why has it taken him eight weeks to make this move? Was he hoping that everything would fix itself? Was he trying to pretend that nothing was wrong? Or did others promise him that things were getting better?

  4. TrevorH, 7. September 2018, 9:10

    They should both resign. Start again by returning to the excellent system that prevailed before this disaster. Then disestablish the GWRC.

  5. Katy Mansfield, 7. September 2018, 9:20

    Traveller – perhaps GWRC’s CEO uses buses to get to work and has been confused by the new system?

  6. NigelTwo, 7. September 2018, 13:57

    @Lim Leong. I really don’t share your optimism. These are the same people who stood by and watched this happen. A few councillors might be sensing a major political fallout from this fiasco, and be wanting to spread the heat a bit.

  7. Ian, 10. September 2018, 13:43

    The CEO’s employment review was scheduled to be undertaken by councillors in the afternoon directly after the last “Sustainable Transport Committee” meeting on 8th August and it is clear that councillors have added great pressure to the CEO to fix the disastrous public transport system management problems. His bonus is at risk! With the next transport meeting due on 19th Sept, and huge numbers of public requests for speaking time expected, I suspect this announcement means the employment process has been completed to a stage where new responsibilities need to be announced. Notice of senior transport staff vacancies will be released soon! The Wilde-Swain-Hastie transport disaster period is almost over!

  8. Farmer Bill, 10. September 2018, 20:17

    Bonus? – The CEO gets over $420,000 which is nearly as much as our prime minister! It’s insanity how much these ex town clerks get paid and GWRC only has buses and trains to govern plus possum control and a bit of river management (is there anything I’ve missed?). GWRC needs abolishing asap to save us all a heap of money and let Wellington City run its own buses.

  9. Chris Horne, 10. September 2018, 21:05

    I do not have a car, a motor-bike or a motor scooter. For decades, I have got around the region perfectly satisfactorily using a mixture of buses, trains, the cable car, the harbour ferry, and rarely a taxi.

    I have kept my entire collection of bus timetables which were valid up until 14 July. In case GWRC decides to reinstate the bus network which worked pretty well since 1992, these timetables will regain their validity.