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Wellington Water moving its maintenance contract to Fulton Hogan, for ten years

News from Wellington Water
Wellington Water has named Fulton Hogan as their preferred maintenance and operations partner. The new contract, in place from July 2019, is anticipated to be for a minimum of ten years and is subject to negotiations.

“As part of our focus on improving the services we provide to our customers, we recognised the benefits of implementing an Alliance delivery approach,” says Gary O’Meara, Group Manager, Network & Customer Operations.

“This approach will help improve customer service delivery and customer experience, create efficiency and value for money around the delivery of network maintenance work around the region, and deliver better value for our client councils.”

The current network maintenance contract with Citycare expires in June 2019.

“We will work with Citycare, and Fulton Hogan staff to minimise the impact on their staff and ensure a smooth transition to the new alliance over the next nine months,” says Mr O’Meara.

The Alliance contract will look after the day-to-day maintenance and operations we carry out on the three water networks (drinking water, stormwater and wastewater), such as assessing leaks, fixing mains bursts, flooding, etc.

Wellington Water ran a competitive open market tender process for the contract over the last 12 months, in full compliance with the Government Rules of Sourcing. Three companies were shortlisted in the Request for Proposal process (RFP).

The next stage is to debrief and provide feedback to all the companies, and progress contract negotiations with Fulton Hogan.


  1. Heidi P, 15. September 2018, 7:26

    Why is the WCC even bothering with middle man Wellington Water, since they have obviously failed in customer service delivery and customer experience? It’s not good value for our rate paying dollars.

  2. Sid, 15. September 2018, 13:03

    Why, after the Havelock North poisoning, do we have a roading contractor with little previous experience looking after the drinking water? Have we learnt nothing from bloated council organisations with the bus debacle????

  3. jacob, 15. September 2018, 21:41

    We hope the WCC is not eager to replicate the GRWC stuff up with public bus transportation by giving such a critical infrastructure (drinking water, waste water, storm water) to a roading contractor who has no proven experience in such responsibilities. By the looks and conditions of our roads in Wellington, we are amazed that such poor quality in maintenance could be replicated in water supply, etc.

    As in the submissions about fees for weekend parking where 47% were against (the majority) which were ignored by our WCC councillors and mayor, what are the chances they will heed the concerns of the ratepayers? Better organise venues for ratepayers to meet about another bureaucratic disaster waiting to happen.