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  1. greenwelly, 18. September 2018, 16:09

    And now they are finally coming clean on their claims that patronage is up:
    “Wellington’s bus patronage was up 17,000 trips this August compared to August 2017. “Continuing patronage growth defies the commentators,” Greater Wellington Regional Council said. But after sending out figures on Monday, on Tuesday a council spokesman conceded those figures included transfers people had to take under the new system. “We expect that some of the growth is attributable to more transfers; probably between 8000 to 10,000 trips.”
    “Probably 8-10,000 trips”, so basically they don’t know and just picked a number….

  2. Tami Simon, 18. September 2018, 16:48

    Buses too small my ass! I see double decker diesel buses with two or three people in them, then buses so full they do not stop! It’s obviously the people scheduling buses that is problematic.

  3. Lim Leong, 18. September 2018, 16:55

    @greenwelly. Good catch as I did strongly suspect double counting on the patronage numbers. Another important thing to note is a proper statistical investigation for differences before and after a major change would compare the month before the change with the month after the change.
    Comparing the month of Aug-17 with Aug-18 is a flawed comparison method as general population increase could easily account for the differences in patronage. This sort of flawed comparison could easily fail NCEA statistics paper. Another PR Spin which only serve to destroy GWRC’s own reputation. Nothing like scoring own goal, I guess.

  4. Michael Gibson, 18. September 2018, 17:03

    The self-congratulating Order Paper for tomorrow’s GW Meeting doesn’t begin to answer the questions “What was wrong in the first place?”, “Why aren’t we telling people our system is useless?” and “If there’s a problem on Lambton Quay why are we letting buses from Porirua and Upper Hutt clog things up when they only have one exit-door?” Thank you to greenwelly.

  5. Michael Lee, 18. September 2018, 19:44

    Buses too small is utter rubbish… I have surveyed the buses on the number 2/Karori/Seatoun route and they are all “large” and carry up to 80 people. I challenge the Regional Council to tell us which are the “small” buses. The facts are that the old number 600s and 700s ( small?) are in storage in Kilbirnie (NZ Bus), and are about to be sold to another operator. The newish ADL 4000 series are NOT being used in Karori/Seatoun. In fact the larger buses lumber up on the South and West Karori narrow and sometimes steep routes and are cumbersome and squeeze past cars parked on both sides of the road. Give us the numbers of the buses allegedly “too small” . How ugly the double deckers are and how much longer it takes to unload them. And they call it progress?
    Stop reeling out false information about the size of the buses.

  6. loan smith, 18. September 2018, 20:17

    During early hours and afternoons, even double decker buses are moving empty; at peak hours, the buses are so full that they don’t stop at bus stops due to over crowding. To get rid of this problem, there has to be an increase in the supply of buses during peak hours of the day.

  7. Newtown, 18. September 2018, 21:03

    Here’s an idea GWRC, how about standing only buses? Get rid of every single seat to make room for more commuters. I think I’m onto something here… 😛

  8. Small fry, 18. September 2018, 23:33

    Better still: how about GWRC paying people to walk…By the way, how many regional councillors, city councillors, and CEOs and Transport Managers and overseas consultants (and NZ ones), and local MPs does it take to change a light bulb? Could they? Or it is just too complex? This is just farcical – if it weren’t so serious…

  9. Tami Simon, 19. September 2018, 7:32

    Ioan Yes it’s obvious they have to schedule more buses for the rush hours., It’s a scheduling problem simple really and weird that local govt hasn’t fixed it.

  10. banana, 19. September 2018, 8:22

    Speaking of bus size – 30 minutes ago there were two bendy buses on Brooklyn Road just below the tennis centre?

  11. Andrew, 19. September 2018, 8:47

    Bendy buses in Brooklyn?? Or in Wellington at all? Crazy.

  12. michael, 19. September 2018, 9:25

    Maybe every member of the GWRC should have to get up early and spend all day waiting for buses at various points around the city? Then lets see them defend the fiasco they have created.