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  1. Michael Gibson, 19. September 2018, 18:54

    GW has made Wellington into a nation-wide laughing-stock and we heard at the meeting this morning that news of our bad bus mess is even being discussed in Australia. Thank goodness that somebody took the initiative and suggested an urgent review.

  2. Lainey, 20. September 2018, 9:08

    Remind me again who the transport expert/consultant was behind this fiasco?! Someone? Anyone?! What a complete and utter shambles. Now spending more money on a review. Sheesh. [via twitter]

  3. Wellington Commuter, 20. September 2018, 9:10

    In 2011 the regional council employed a team from MRCagney led by US-based transport consultant Jarrett Walker. The council took their advice to change what was a zero-budget Service Review into a Hub-and spoke redesign (but without adding any capital funding). [via twitter]

  4. Margie Scotts, 20. September 2018, 9:24

    Who is going to conduct the review and to what Terms of Reference? No-one associated with GWRC – official or elected – is appropriate. Why is Wayne Hastie, GM Public Transport, responsible for transport services, design and procurement, still employed?

  5. Lim Leong, 20. September 2018, 10:04

    If there is going to be an independent review (key word here is independent) then the review has got to go right back to the transport network design.
    Hub and spoke is not a dirty word in network design, it is a valid network architecture and has been in use successfully over 50 years in both physical transport networks and data transport networks. Hub and Spoke design has its limitations and constraints which are well understood.
    The GWRC planners / consultants are trying to be clever in solving the capacity constraints issue on Lambton Quay by introducing hub and spoke design. The wishful and deeply flawed thinking is that demand aggregation at the hubs will solve the capacity problems hence the PR spin about the 21st Century network. This back-fired spectacularly because a hub and spoke network without the underlying supporting infrastructure such as multi lane roads, dedicated bus lanes, purpose built hubs is doomed to fail. In any case, expecting people to transfer for a journey of less than 3 km is pure stupidity. You do not need to be a network design engineer to see the flaws in this network but GWRC refused to listen to the public in the 8 years of planning.
    The bigger problem now is it is very hard to fix a hub and spoke network especially if you do not have the underlying support infrastructure. I would argue that it is unfixable and hence I have advocated for a rollback. A rollback will fix major problems for commuters and this will buy time for considering future long-term options. However, it looks like there is quite a commercial contract to unravel to even achieve a partial rollback. Clever? NOT !

  6. DonP, 20. September 2018, 11:52

    15th July Day 0 – new bus contracts & timetables start
    16th July Day 1 – how many people left on bus stops today?

    6th Sept Day 53 – Greg Campbell appointed sole focus role to remedy.
    19th Sept Day 66 – how many people left on bus stops today?