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KiwiBank leaving Wainui

News (via Facebook) from Cr Campbell Barry
Disappointing, but not surprising news from KiwiBank this morning. With the closure of United Video on the Strand, they have decided not to relocate their over the counter banking services.

The reality is we suffered a major blow when KiwiBank removed its full service branch a couple of years ago. However, this move rubs salt into a very sore wound. I’ll be writing to KiwiBank today expressing my disappointment and frustration with their decision, and request that they reconsider.

While KiwiBank may be leaving, I can report that NZ Post are working with local businesses in an effort to relocate their services. There should be more to report on this in the not too distant future.

While news like this doesn’t do our community any good, I am very optimistic that soon we will have some good news to report for our town centre and the businesses/services on offer. A lot of work happening behind the scenes.

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  1. greenwelly, 24. September 2018, 12:07

    And the Minister of State-owned Enterprises (i.e Winston) has what to say on this?