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Reduced bus services today – drivers stopping work for union meeting


News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
Due to a stop work meeting of Tramways Union members on Wednesday, Metlink bus services will be reduced in Wellington City, Hutt Valley and Porirua between 9am-3pm on that day.

The meeting is an opportunity for the Tramways Union to talk to its members and is a normal occurrence.

The following service details apply:

• Normal services will run through the peak period until 9am.

• Reduced services will run between 9am and 3pm.

• Normal services will resume from around 3pm so there should be no impact on afternoon peak services.

• School services should not be affected.

Full details of bus services throughout Wednesday can be found at Metlink.org.nz or by calling Metlink on 0800 801700.

News from Tramways Union
The Greater Wellington Regional Council needs to listen to drivers and get its contractor, Tranzit, to negotiate a fair deal. That’s because:

• The driver shortage will only get worse while drivers don’t have the stability of an agreement

• Agreeing a collective employment agreement will end the risk of industrial action

• Union members have valuable front-line experience and knowledge that can help fix this if their union is involved.

GWRC needs the goodwill of its bus drivers to make Wellington’s public transport work. But instead, it has cut their terms and conditions by tendering out their work and then ignored their warnings that the system would break. Right now they won’t even acknowledge we are stakeholders!We’re ready to help fix this mess. But first GWRC needs to step in and make sure drivers get decent terms and conditions. They can’t fix the system without the drivers.


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  1. Traveller, 24. September 2018, 12:52

    “A normal occurrence.” What an absurd statement from the Regional Council … more evidence of how they are out of touch with reality, when everyone knows that the stopwork meeting is to discuss drivers’ concerns about the new bus system. Hardly normal.

  2. Lim Leong, 24. September 2018, 13:42

    @Traveller. When I got the email notification this morning from Metlink, “absurd” was exactly the word I had in my head. If the bus system is working properly, there wouldn’t all these cancelled buses, delays, missed connections, overcrowding, removing seats, stop work meetings. I am sure this is the “New Normal” as preached by GWRC. I really hope GWRC realise that the ongoing denial and the use of PR spin language will only cause more public anger! By the way, the Bus 22 that was supposed to take me to the office was cancelled without any notification this morning. Good start to the week. Thanks. Messlink !

  3. Graham Atkinson, 24. September 2018, 14:19

    Lim Leong: Under the GO Wellington collective, these stop work meetings are normal occurrences and have been for decades. It is unlikely NZ Bus will now negotiate an end to these meetings so you can expect them to continue going forward. Only NZ Bus are reducing services during the interpeak, Tranzurban and probably Newlands will continue to provide a full timetable. And your Route 22 service is operated by NZ Bus so presumably this is no different from what applied prior to 15 July.