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They’ve got pictures of the weasel – but it hasn’t been caught yet

Zealandia is continuing its efforts to catch an elusive weasel. The eco sanctuary reported today:

We have not caught the weasel yet. Traps were set and rebaited yesterday, after being put out (baited but not set) last week. Because they are new traps they will look quite novel in the environment, and not setting them first is a tactic to build the animal’s trust and confidence to enter trap boxes.

There are 110 DOC200 traps set with fresh bait and we are leaving them be for now in the hope of undisturbed success.

We are also working on getting some victor traps out into the sanctuary, hoping that the diversity in traps will help.

There has also been footage of the weasel picked up on a camera trap. This is encouraging as it confirms what we’re up against, and that we are working in the right area of the sanctuary. At this stage we won’t be sharing the footage.

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