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Nine carriages needed on Wairarapa trains – but not till next year

News from MetLink
Following a successful nine-carriage trial on the Wairarapa line last month, we are working to make this a permanent service.

However, a few issues were identified during the trial which could take some time to address – including needing to make changes to the layout of Wellington Station yard to accommodate the extra carriage, and door isolation processes.

We are working through these issues as a top priority and hope to have them resolved, and a nine car service in place, by early next year.

We understand that this is a long time to wait for a permanent solution, but we do have a temporary option of providing more seating capacity on the 8 car services by making the train up with 6 SE cars and 2 SW cars, providing about 30 extra seats, in comparison to the 64 seats that the 9 car train provides. While the SE carriages provide more seating, they do have fewer tables, and do not have electrical connections.

We would like your assistance in deciding whether these high-capacity seating carriages should be used in the interim until the 9 car trains can be provided, and have set up a poll for feedback. The poll will close on 19 October, with a decision following soon after.