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One chief executive to lead two “collaborating” health boards

Press Release – Capital and Coast District Health Board
The Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs have voted to appoint a single chief executive to lead both DHBs to better support health service planning and delivery across the Kapiti, Porirua, Wellington and Hutt Valley regions.

The decision will allow a single chief executive to lead a wider programme of work focussed on the two DHBs collaborating with a strong emphasis on keeping our communities healthy and well.

The joint chief executive will support the DHBs to plan together on prevention and community-based care while also ensuring our hospitals provide expert clinical care when people need them.

“This is about both boards being clear in the vision they want – a unified health service across the region that provides better and fairer access to the same excellent healthcare services,” said joint DHB Chair Andrew Blair.

“We know that, with growing demand on health services, we need to take a closer look at how we operate and deliver services. Having a united vision and approach across our regions will be essential to ensuring we are best placed to meet demand, improve the wellbeing of our communities, and to continue our strong relationship with our neighbouring DHBs.

“Placing a single chief executive to lead this important work is an exciting step towards shaping our future health services.”

While the CCDHB and HVDHB Boards have made this decision, there will now be an opportunity for staff – along with other key stakeholders across both DHBs – to engage in discussion about how best to ensure a smooth adjustment and transition to a single CE model.

“To a large degree the process is underway. The two interim chief executives – Julie Patterson at CCDHB, and Dale Oliff at HVDHB – will work with senior leadership at both DHBs and the Boards to help pave the way while a single chief executive is appointed.”

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  1. Anabel, 11. October 2018, 15:16

    Oh dear. The unsolved primary problems with the NZ health system are not being solved by 21 DHBs with their CEs. And the DHBs’ plan to move urgent hospital care to primary care (and phones!) is not in line with urgent care service delivery, patient focus or good outcomes. It’s a stealthy cutting of needed hospital services. With higher demand for urgent care, they make more cuts .

  2. Heidi P, 12. October 2018, 9:35

    They should be collaborating to meet the growing needs of urgent care in the hospital environment. Non admissions, Gp primary care and phone care in place of this needed urgent care is not a suitable substitute or “process”. (I don’t think its even legal to avoid urgent care obligations).